The Satin Jumpsuit

A good jumpsuit is a national treasure. If I’m ever unsure about what to wear, most likely I’ll end up wearing a jumpsuit. I can’t think of an occasion that is not jumpsuit appropriate. They come in a wide range of styles, colors, prints, lengths, and so much more. As a jumpsuit connoisseur, I’ve figured out the major keys to selecting a good jumpsuit.

Here are a few things you should consider when buying a jumpsuit:

Select a good material. Always check the material to make sure it will be comfortable and flattering. Cotton and polyester blends are the most common and most times they will work. Be aware, cheaper fabric can cling to your body in all the wrong places. I always try to make sure I select a good quality so it can last a little longer. However, I’ll always have a little time for the cheap ones at TjMaxx.

Select the right fit. The fit of a jumpsuit can make or break your look. The crotch area is the main culprit of an ill-fitting jumpsuit so always make sure that the fit is proper in that area.

Make sure it’s the right length. You don’t want your jumpsuit to be too short or too long. I prefer floor-length for my long legs but that’s just my preference. If you know you’re going to wear heels, double check the length before buying to avoid any potential floods. Say no to “flood ready” jumpsuits.

Find a dependable brand. Finding a go-to brand for a good jumpsuit is a game changer. Jumpsuits are not one size fit all and they can be harder to shop for.

Outfit Deets

Jumpsuit: JLuxlLabel//Shoes: Missguided// Bag: Express

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— Diana Vreeland
Brandon Grate Photography

Brandon Grate Photography

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