The Work Dress

BODYCON DOES NOT BELONG AT WORK ...... this is something that I am very passionate about when it comes to work attire. As a young 9-5'er myself, shopping for work clothes is a struggle. I'm always torn between "I love it! *looks at price*---nvm not that much" and " I don't want to look like a mom". I'm always hesitant about spending certain amounts on pieces that are specifically for work so I'm always searching for a good sale.

 Starting a work wardrobe is a huge step for college grads and it can be really stressful. During my own journey, I've developed a special appreciation for the work dress. Growing up, I always admired how professional and chic women looked in the office on movies and television shows. However, some may see professional attire to be just a pair of black slacks and white button up ---- but not I.  You can definitely be stylish and professional at the same time. 

As far as the work wardrobe goes, a classic work dress is a must have! This dress must be flattering in length, material, and overall style.

Here are my top 5 places that you need to be looking for your ideal go-to dress for work: 

1. Department Stores - They typically have a good selection but it requires you to actually look. 




2. ASOS - My go-to for every aspect of life!


3. Tj Maxx  - They have the gems!


4. Target - You can literally find anything in Target and the WhoWhatWear collection is heaven sent. 


5. Thrift Stores -- I have about 4859845 black dresses for work and surprisingly some of them came from the thrift store. (Great brands too, btw) 





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