Vinyl Pants + Leather Jacket

Outfit Deets 

Pants: H&M//Bodysuit: Boohoo//Jacket: Zara (Sold-out) - Similar// Booties: ASOS (Sold-out) - Similar // Fur: Nordstrom Rack// Purse: Aldo (Sold-out) - Similar

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Black Pants 2.jpg
Black Pants 5.jpg
Black Pants 6.jpg

My last blog post was published in September and I am ashamed of how long it has been. With a new year rapidly approaching, I decided to be my own accountability partner and evaluate areas that needed improvement. 2018 will be all about consistency in all areas of life. I challenge whoever is reading this to take a minute and write down everything you want to accomplish in 2018. After you write this list, go ahead and create a plan. Planning is really essential when it comes to goal planning because a goal without a plan is basically a fairytale. The mood for 2018: Stay ready so you never have to get ready!

2018 will definitely bring more consistent posts but for now, let's get back to this one.  These pants are bomb but they are not really made for the girls whose thighs rub together. They feel really comfy on the inside but  when the material touches it makes a terrible sound and it's just a lot. I have to find some hack to make walking easier because it was really a struggle. As always, I'm willing to make the sacrifice just to get a look. 

Always dress like you’re going to see your worst enemy.
— Kimora Lee
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