Black & White Checkered Dress

This post is about details, details, AND MORE DETAILS. The little things can really amount to a big thing when it comes to looking stylish. In this look, the clutch really bought the look together and made it pop. I would have looked really blah if I didn't wear the cross-body bag. I own a variety of clutches, necklaces and other small detail items that I like to pair with certain looks to provide something extra.

Tip: When shopping don't forget to pick up the small things; small things=big thing

Often times we focus so much on the clothes and shoes, it can be so easy to overlook the details. Imagine wearing a plain white dress as opposed the same white dress with a cute clutch and the right pair of earrings-- completely different right? Say no to one dimensional looks and step it up with a few details. 

Details create the big picture.
— Sanford I. Weill
Dana SumterComment