DIY Shoe Organizer

I have too many shoes and I really don't have a place for them so I was forced to get creative with my storage options.  In the past, I have used bookshelves but I wasn't crazy about this idea because the bookshelves took up too much space in my room.  Fast forward to a week ago, I moved to a new city and I really didn't have the space in my room so I had to think of something. I grabbed three plastic storage shelving units and a can of spray paint to make something happen. To my surprise, it actually turned out great for me. It went really well with my room theme and it allowed me to save some space which was a big plus.  For any shoe enthusiast who is looking for a unique and affordable way to store your shoes I would highly recommend this. 

Life is short, buy the shoes


What you will need

Shelving unit

Spray paint



Dana SumterComment