Roller Set + Silk Wrap

NO (direct) HEAT NOVEMBER is still in full effect! This roller set with a silk wrap was bomb! Straight, full, voluminous hair with NO FLAT IRON! This has never worked for me in the past but I finally got it right this time. I think I've found my new straightening method. 💁🏽

I am currently 4 weeks post relaxer and on Week 2 of my No Heat Challenge for this month. I stretched my braid outs for a good bit but soon began to miss my straight hair. I didn't want to cheat so I [unwillingly] tried a roller set silk wrap. It took FOREVER to roller set my hair properly but after I practiced, I soon got the hang of it and I must say... I am very please with the results.

Video tutorial is linked down below but some tips to keep in mind:

  1. Roller set on clean, wet hair
  2. Wrap hair tightly around the roller (use setting lotion or wrap foam for best results)
  3. Stay under the dryer until your hair is COMPLETELY dry 
  4. Gently comb out the curls and wrap the saran wrap tightly around your head, leaving no open space
  5. Sit under the dryer for NO LESS than 10 minutes but NO MORE than 20 minutes (sitting under the dryer for too long with the saran wrap can cause your hair to sweat under the plastic and all of your hard work will be in vain. I shoot for about 12-15 minutes)

Miss Jessie's Leave In Condish - (Walmart, Target, Sally's, Amazon, local beauty supply)
KeraCare Foam Wrap/Set Lotion - (Sally's, local beauty supply)
Ion Styling Solutions Silk Drops - (Sally's, local beauty supply)
Elasta QP Glaze Conditioning Gel - (Walmart, Target, Sally's, local beauty supply)
Saran Plastic Wrap 

We're halfway through the month of November, you can do it!

Check out my full Roller Set + Silk Wrap video tutorial on our YouTube channel.