Relaxed Hair Journey Tag

Your thoughts on "tag" videos? You know, the "mixed girl" tag, the "best friend" tag, the "boyfriend" tag, the "what's in my [insert luxury brand name here] bag" tag. The list goes on. Usually, I pass on tag videos. They're just not that interesting to me and lets be honest, I really don't care if you know your best friend's favorite color or about how you met your boyfriend. 

However, I've watched a few natural hair tags, most infamously the "Curly Hair" tag. And even though I'm not natural, I still find those videos interesting and informative. It's a good way to get a bunch of information about your hair crush's mane in one video, rather than watching 10 videos and still having a billion questions (I see y'all in the comments lol!). 

With that being said, I began searching for relaxed youtube tags that I could piggyback off of. To my surprise (sarcasm), there wasn't really any. Yeah....not too surprising since the relaxed community has dwindled down to like seven people (kidding, obvi). Youtuber BrianneLive has a tag titled "Why I Love My Relaxed Hair". It's such an inspiring and uplifting tag that encourages relaxed women by simply explaining why you can love relaxed hair.  Definitely check it out!

The kind of tag I was looking for was just a tag that would be informative, and answer a lot of the questions that we get asked on every. single. video. (even the beauty-related videos). So I simply googled "relaxed hair tag" and saw a few questions come up on a blog, decided to tweak them a bit, & VIOLA! The "Relaxed Hair Journey" Tag is born! I tagged a few of my fave relaxed youtubers but everyone is encouraged to do it and share their journey! Check out my video and the questions below!

1.What is your current length and where did you start? 
2.What is your goal? 
3.How long have you been relaxed? 
4.What made you decide to be relaxed over natural? 
5.Would you ever go natural? 
6.When did you start your hair journey? What inspired your to start? 
7.Quickly share your regimen
8.What’s your favorite hair product or line? 
9.Have you found your staples? 
10.What are some of the reactions you get from others about having relaxed hair? 
11.Name your favorite protective styles