#BOMB: Black Owned Make-Up Brands

There are a ton of funny, over the top, and just downright wasteful make-up challenges floating around the internet lately (i.e., 100 layers of "insert make-up item here" challenge). However, one make-up challenge has emerged that has a bit more meaning. 

Black beauty bloggers have recently started a movement that involves supporting companies that are catered to black women and are also black owned. The movement, #BOMB (Black Owned Make-up Brands), challenges the YouTube beauty community to complete a make-up look using all black owned products. The aim is to bring awareness and support to underrated black owned cosmetic lines.

It's no secret that black people, especially black women, have a lot of buying power. It's time we start supporting companies that cater to and are ran by our community. In the spirit of it all, I've compiled a list of a few black owned beauty brands for you to check out! 

$ - comparable to your typical drugstore price, $$ - comparable to product prices you typically see in MAC or Ulta, $$$ - comparable to product prices associated with higher end cosmetics

  • Black Opal Beauty ($)
  • Black Up Cosmetics ($$)
  • Sacha Cosmetics* ($$)
  • Juvia's Place Cosmetics ($$)
  • Ka'Oir Cosmetics ($$)
  • AJ Crimson Cosmetics ($$)
  • Jay Jill Cosmetics ($)
  • Pink Stiletto Cosmetics ($$)
  • Beauty Brownie Cosmetics ($$)
  • Vault Cosmetics ($$)
  • Komplexx Blends Cosmetics ($)
  • Revel ($$)
  • Spectrum ($)
  • Lip Addyct ($$)
  • PNKDigger ($)
  • Dalynn Cosmetics ($$)
  • SHEEQ Cosmetics ($$)
  • Beauty Bakerie ($$)
  • MDM Flow ($$)
  • IMYB ($$)
  • The Lip Bar ($)
  • Gold Label Cosmetics ($$)
  • Vera Moore Cosmetics ($$)
  • Laws of Nature Cosmetics ($$)
  • IMAN Cosmetics ($$)
*Sacha Cosmetics is technically not Black Owned, but West Indian owned (Indo-Trinidadians).



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